Through Thom Tinted Lenses

June 23, 2011


The following script is the opening scene to my audio drama, FAMILY LEGACY. It’s a quirky little story about a family who honor one another by killing each other. I hope you enjoy.




SFX: footsteps on wood entering room (5 sec.)

SFX: clink of tea cup and spoon (2 sec.)


DOTTY:  Mister Gerald, your tea is ready.

GERALD: Oh, thank you, Dotty. Is it prepared the way I like it?

DOTTY: Yes, Mister Gerald. Earl Grey, with specially sealed tea bags, rigged with a dye to reveal any toxins.

GERALD: Ah! It looks wonderful! And not a dash of poison. Hmm, rather takes the fun out of it all. Father always got such a kick out of identifying contaminants, extracting them, putting them to use.

DOTTY:  He must have been an amazing man.

GERALD: Oh, I miss him, so. Sometimes I almost wish Harold hadn’t killed him. Oh, but that would have been poor form. The opportunity did present itself, after all. Father would have been just furious if my brother hadn’t taken advantage of the opening. Still…

DOTTY:  What is it, Mister Gerald?


SFX: clink of tea cup and spoon (2 sec.)


GERALD: Oh, nothing, nothing. Just reminiscing. Where was I, now? Oh, yes. My preparations. I must be about my preparations. What’s been done?

DOTTY: Well, ventilation has been internalized, drawing from your own private compressed air tanks in order to prevent airborne toxins from entering the room, and the fruit is all hermetically sealed to prevent tampering.

GERALD: Good, good, very good, Dotty. Fruits can be quiet deadly. Especially plums. I should know, of course.

DOTTY:  I wouldn’t worry about any more poisoned plums, Gerald. That would be poor form.

GERALD:  Quite true, quite true. You know my brother and his form. (beat) Dotty, would you ask Sarah to play something on the piano? Something lively. I always do get so bound up while planning a killing.

DOTTY:  Certainly, Mister Gerald. (beat) Sarah! Sarah, darling! Would you play something lively for Mister Gerald?

SARAH:  Yes, mother. As you wish.


SFX: child’s footsteps on wood (3 sec.)

SFX: piano bench adjusted and sat upon (2 sec.)

SFX: lively piano music begins & becomes sound bed throughout (5 sec. lead)


GERALD:  Much, better. Much. Now, about my preparations.

DOTTY: Everything is prepared, Mister Gerald. This time, certainly, you will succeed in undoing your brother.

GERALD:  Oh, I certainly hope so, darling. This has been dragging on for quite some time now. If I don’t do away with him soon, well, then he’ll do away with me first. The family legacy and all, you understand.


SFX: doorbell rings (2 sec.)


GERALD:  Ah! There he is now. Early. Just as I suspected. I do wonder how he plans to kill me today. I suppose I’ll just have to wait and see.


To order an MP3 download of FAMILT LEGACY, the audio drama go to

Or, to read the short story version click to order my short story collection, 13 BODIES: SEVEN TALES OF MURDER AND MADNESS.

Thom Reese is the author of THE DEMON BAQASH and 13 BODIES: SEVEN TALES OF MURDER AND MADNESS. Upcoming releases include the novels, DEAD MAN’S FIRE, CHASING KELVIN, and THE EMPTY. Thom was the sole writer and co-producer of the weekly audio drama radio program, 21ST CENTURY AUDIO THEATER. Fourteen of these dramas have since been published in four collections. A native of the Chicago area, Thom currently makes his home in Las Vegas.

Copyright 2011 Thom Reese All Rights Reserved.


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