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July 4, 2012


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To celebrate the release of my new thriller, CHASING KELVIN, I’m featuring an interview with Marc and Dana Huntington, the stars of my novels, CHASING KELVIN and DEAD MAN’S FIRE.

THOM: Welcome Marc and Dana. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules for this interview. I know you’re in the midst of the events chronicled in CHASING KELVIN.

DANA: Yes, we are. Things have not gone too terribly well to this point.

THOM: Well, I hope things all work out in the end.

HUNT: You wrote the book, you should know.

THOM: Very true. And I’m not telling.  So, Hunt, why don’t you begin by telling our readers a little about yourselves?

HUNT: Yeah. I guess the first thing they need to know is that Dana and I are recovery specialists.

THOM: And what exactly is a recovery specialist?

DANA: We make our living by recovering people and things that have gone missing.

HUNT: We get paid with reward money. Say, someone’s kidnapped a senator’s daughter…

DANA: Or a sheik’s wife.

HUNT: We locate and recover that person and collect the reward.

DANA: Or perhaps an ancient artifact or a famous painting is stolen. We recover those valuable items. Our adventures take us all about the globe. Quite fascinating, really. There’s always plenty of danger, twists and turns, intrigue.

THOM: So, what are your backgrounds? How did you come to be recovery specialists?

DANA: I’m former MI-6.

HUNT: That’s like the British CIA. Think of Dana as computer genius meets James Bond. Talented woman – and beautiful.

THOM: And, Dana, why did you leave MI-6?

DANA: That bit’s rather dodgy. I made the mistake of falling in love with and marrying an international criminal I’d been assigned to monitor. Things didn’t go well for me at MI-6 after that.

THOM: I’m sure we’ll learn more about that at a later date. Hunt, what’s your background?

HUNT: Delta Force. Special Ops. Things went sideways during what was to be my last mission in Iraq. Some of my men died. So did a child. An explosion damaged the left side of my face and caused memory loss. It all came down on me. My poor choices, my irresponsibility. I wound up with a dishonorable discharge. Thanks for asking, by the way.

THOM: Your exploits have been recorded in two books so far, DEAD MAN’S FIRE and CHASING KELVIN. Tell us about those adventures.

HUNT: Well, we were awesome.

DANA: I believe he’d like more specifics, dear.

HUNT: Right, right. DEAD MAN’S FIRE is set in the Amazon Rainforest. Very cool place. But it rains a lot.

DANA: A young paleontologist went missing after a major discovery.

HUNT: It seems there were multiple factions, all interested in this discovery. Some were willing to do just about anything to get their hands on it.

DANA: It was quite a romp. Mysterious ancient writings, dozens of comatose bodies hidden in a cave, gun fights, chases, deceptions, it was all quite thrilling really.

HUNT: And, who was it in the middle of it all? Oh, yeah, your ex-husband.

DANA: Well, I think that’s enough about DEAD MAN’S FIRE.

THOM: Fair enough. Would one of you like to tell us about CHASING KELVIN?

DANA: Certainly. We were on a cross country train, tracking a jewel thief named Kelvin Donnelley. He’d stolen a valuable diamond. We were about to recover it when Hunt discovered a terrorist plot onboard. Things went very poorly after that.

HUNT: The terrorist made their play. Dana was…

DANA: Don’t give too much away, dear.

HUNT: Okay. Well, something serious happened concerning Dana. It sent me chasing across the country as coordinated terrorist attacks took place around the globe. The death toll is still mounting and every discovery leads me to another mystery. Government officials are compromised; the situation continues to get worse. And Dana’s caught in the middle of this… situation.

THOM: I think you’ve told us plenty. Thank you both for sharing with us. I appreciate your candor.



Thom Reese is the author of DEAD MAN’S FIRE, CHASING KELVIN, THE DEMON BAQASH, 13 BODIES: SEVEN TALES OF MURDER AND MADNESS, and THE EMPTY. Thom was the sole writer and co-producer of the weekly audio drama radio program, 21ST CENTURY AUDIO THEATRE. Fourteen of these dramas have since been published in four collections. A native of the Chicago area, Thom currently makes his home in Las Vegas.

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